A Midsummer Night’s Dream REVIEW

A Midsummer Night’s Dream REVIEW

Not quite as spectacular as Stonehenge and Avebury, or Carnac, but almost. There are about 90 huge, granite stones in what looks now like a sort of horseshoe, although originally it was probably a circle adjoining an ellipse. They are rounded and smooth, unlike the hewn stones of Stonehenge. Standing among them, you feel like you are in a corpulent crowd of granite friends, jostling to see something. The shapes are natural, weathered and softened by the elements, although several have decorations, which are difficult to make out without guidance. This was a society of sheep herders, as it still is today. Almendres dates from around 5, BC — 2, years older than Stonehenge. It marks a crucial moment in human development, the transition from an itinerant hunter-gatherer society to a settled agricultural one.

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Then, more recently the series Cucumber , the main narrative arc of which was the breakdown of a relationship between two men, and the spin-off series Banana and Tofu. It is fair to say, then, that much of his writing has been pretty gay. Theseus delivers his love speech with irony and terrifying steeliness; Hippolyta is made to read hers off an autocue.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a comedy written by William Shakespeare in / It portrays the events surrounding the marriage of Theseus, the Duke of Athens, to .

Grace had previously worked with Soyuzmultfilm on an animated version of the Welsh folktale cycle, the Mabinogion , and he turned to them again for the Shakespeare project, feeling “if we were going to animate Shakespeare in a thirty-minute format, then we had to go to a country that we knew creatively and artistically could actually deliver. And in my view, frankly, there was only one country that could do it in the style that we wanted, that came at it from a different angle, a country to whom Shakespeare is as important as it is to our own.

This style went with enormous flair and verve and comic panache; but a lot of it was kitsch. Actors were hired to recite abbreviated versions of the plays written by Leon Garfield , who had written a series of prose adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays for children in , Shakespeare Stories. According to Garfield, editing the plays down to thirty minutes whilst maintaining original Shakespearean dialogue was not easy; “lines that are selected have to carry the weight of narrative, and that’s not always easy.

It frequently meant using half a line, and then skipping perhaps twenty lines, and then finding something that would sustain the rhythm but at the same time carry on the story. The most difficult by far were the comedies. In the tragedies, you have a very strong story going straight through, sustained by the protagonist. In the comedies, the structure is much more complex.

Screened in dozens of countries, The Animated Tales is Shakespeare as cultural educational television available to all. During the recording, Garfield himself was present, as was literary advisor, Stanley Wells , as well as the Russian directors. All gave input to the actors during the recording sessions. The animators then took the voice recordings back to Moscow and began to animate them. Edwards’ job was to keep one eye on the creative aspects of the productions and one eye on the financial and practical aspects.

Midsummer monument: the sacred stones of Portugal’s Stonehenge

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I look forward your discussion and commentary on these articles and subjects. This is the summer solstice, meaning this is the longest day and shortest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer solstice has since ancient times held religious significance in pre-Christian European religious, representing the point when the sun seemed to have stood still in Latin, solstitum from which the word “solstice” derives means “sun stands still”.

It has been tracked by wood or stone circles such as England’s famous Stonehenge and celebrated with bonfires.

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Comedies Comedy is a drama that provokes laughter at human behavior, usually involves romantic love, and usually has a happy ending. In Shakespeare’s day the conventional comedy enacted the struggle of young lovers to surmount some difficulty, usually presented by their elders, and the play ended happily in marriage or the prospect of marriage. Sometimes the struggle was to bring separated lovers or family members together, and their reunion was the happy culmination this often involved marriage also.

Shakespeare generally observed these conventions, though his inventiveness within them yielded many variations. Eighteen plays are generally included among Shakespeare’s comedies. These works are often divided into distinct subclasses reflecting the playwright’s development. The first seven, all written before about , are loosely classed as the ‘early comedies’, though they vary considerably in both quality and character.

The last four of these—Loves Labour’s Lost, the Dream, the Merchant, and the Merry Wives—are sometimes separated as a transitional group, or linked with the next three in a large ‘middle comedies’ classification. The Merry Wives is somewhat anomalous in any case; it represents a type of comedy—the ‘city play’, a speciality of suchwriters as Ben Jonson and Thomas Dekker—that Shakespeare did not otherwise write. The next three plays.

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These pages also include information about the art publishers, associations, clubs, groups and societies located in major cities throughout the United States, such as Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Buffalo, Wichita, Philadelphia, Rochester, San Francisco, Washington D. Many of these organizations provided an opportunity for American artists to work and create original works of art during the Great Depression.

Artists and the Syracuse Print Club. Despite the dire economic times publishers of original prints continued to survive and successfully raise revenue for the artists as well as making original art affordable during the Great Depression years. The second page of this directory also contains a list of over fifty original works of art created during the Great Depression years by American artists.

One of the more interesting aspects of art of the Depression is how seldom the actual misery and privation of the decade is depicted.

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The summer solstice is the time when the sun is in its glory. This is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. The date of the summer solstice varies slightly from year to year. This year it falls on June 21st. Summer solstice customs are also associated with a fixed date: Yet there is an undertone of darkness in the light.

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